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Why Purify Transformer Oil?

The main functions of electrical transformer oil are cooling and insulation, and also with the function of eliminating the electric arc when cutting off the circuit.

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Under the influences of heating and electric field, transformer oil contacts with oxygen from air, and it is gradually oxidized into various oxides, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, etc. Finally, there will be insoluble colloid, sludge, particles in the transformer oil. the insulation of transformers is degrading because of these acid substances. Therefore, transformer oil must be tested and purified at regular time.

ZANYO Transformer Oil Purifier-YOUR BEST CHOICE.

Functionality that tops in the industry

  • Removing Moisture. The final treated oil can achieve less than 3ppm
  • Degassing. The final treated oil can achieve less than 0.1%
  • Removing Particles. The final treated oil can achieve1 micrometer
  • vacuum oil injecting
  • vacuum drying equipment for transformers
  • Vacuum purification online work, unattended operation.

Guaranteed Performance For Model ZYD-II

purified substance diagram

Standout Features

  • ZANYO provide double vacuum separating chambers;
  • Adopt interlocked protective system;
  • Adopt with auto- pressurization defoaming technology;
  • Multi-stage precision filtration system;
  • Advanced Condensation system;
  • Fully automatically controlling system.

 purifier structure

Optional Configuration For High Performance

optional components

  • Germany Leybold Vacuum Pump
  • Germany Or Italy Oil Pump
  • Schneider Electric
  • ABB Motors
  • Siemens PLC Controlling System
  • Online Moisture Sensor
  • Flow Meter
  • Mobile typeEnclosed Doors

On Scene Applications

We have serviced ABB company, Siemens, and the State Grid Corporation of many countries, such as Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Greece, Ecuador, also Middle East, Asian countries, some European countries, etc.

on scene applications

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