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oil recycling senerios

Why recycle waste and used oil?

According to EPA data, every year 2 million gallons of waste oil are disposed improperly, that could cause great environment damage and economical loss for human beings. The black used oil contains large amount of hazardous substances, which is deadly harmful to soil and water. Recycling just 2 gallons of used oil can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours.
Probabaly you are trying to dispose waste oil in this way (NOT recommended):
1. dump waste oil directly;
2. burn waste oil for heat usage;
3. call for waste oil pick-up.

Yet, Why not just recycle it, with a compact, easily operated Zanyo Oil Purifier?

applications of zanyo oil purifier

The oil does not wear out, it just gets dirty, by purifying it, save your cost, and save the world.

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What kind of waste or used oil can be purified for recycle:

The waste oil include waste engine oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, dirty fuel oil, mixed oil from applications of engines, mining, electric power, transformers, metallurgy, manufacturing, petroleum, railway etc.

How does zanyo purifers work?

Waste Oil Recycling Machine works under 410C temperature of the vacuum condition, makes Hydrocarbon molecules break out, and re-order combination, forming diesel oil, lubricating base oil etc.
During the recycling process, liquid waste oil transforms to oil-gas in vacuum distillation tower under high temperature, then oil-gas transform to liquid oil again after through the oil cooling system and water cooling system, the production can be the gasoline oil, diesel oil and lubricating base oil, it much depends on the waste oil’s components.
Finally get a eligible oil with good color. During the distillation process, it effectively remove the wear debris, asphalt, wax quality, impurities, moisture, acid and get rid of carbon particles, deep oxides which disperse in oil.

Simply we put the purification process in this flow chart:

purification flow chart

purification before and after

Step 1: Waste Black Oil;
Step 2: Oil pumped into Catalytic Reactor;
Step 3: Oil pumped into Distillation Kettle;
Step 4: Oil/gas pumped into Water Cooling System;
Step 5: Purified Gasoline Oil, or Diesel Oil, or Lubricating Base Oil Come Out.

The purified oil index:



Light Oil (Gasoline and Diesel oil)

Lubricating Base oil

Testing Standard



≤ 3.5

≤ 3

GB/T 6540

kinematic viscosity

(40 ℃)mm2/s


29- 85

GB/T 265





GB/T 1995

Sulfur content


≤ 0.5

GB/T 380

Moisture content


Trace water

GB/T 260







≤ 0.01

≤ 0.01

GB/T 508

Acid value


≤ 7


GB/T 258

Copper Corrosion

(50 ℃, 3h)


≤ 1

GB/T 5096

Oxidation stability, total insoluble


≤ 2.5

SH/T 0175

Flash point (open)

≥ 180


GB/T 261

Density (20 ℃)

(20℃) g/cm3



GB/T 1884




GB/T 11139

Distillation temperature


≥ 170

GB/T 6536

Standout features of Zanyo oil purifiers:

Proven stability with high tech

Zanyo purifiers are unattended operational, adopts vacuum pressure balanced distillation technology and works in high vacuum ,oil distillation temperature controlled within 410 C.

All in one processing

It is designed reasonable structure, with simple operation. the residue after treatment can be used as fuel or for producing graphite. Cooling system is water cooling system, it makes the whole system is in high cooling efficiency.

Cost effective

Three-dimensional re-circulation integrates distillation tower, distillation allows it works in high efficiency, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance.

ZANYO oil purification machinery for different applications: