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The Chongqing Zanyo Electromechanical and Machinery Co., Ltd is working and service for our own home market for more than ten years. from 2012, we begin to turn to the foreign market. So people know us very little, and many people asked us what your new tech is? Please introduce it to us.

So, we are very honor to show you the ZANYO oil purifier features.

At the beginning of ZANYO oil purifier, about the Evaporation chamber of the machine, we adopt the one vertical Evaporation chamber, but we found that the oil purification time is very long when we want to achieve 3ppm (such as purifying the transformer oil). How to enlarge the evaporation surface? And shorten the oil purification time? Our engineer focus on studying the evaporation surface, the heater system etc. finally, we designed the two horizontal evaporator for the oil purifier. And after adopted two horizontal evaporators, the oil purifier can purify the oil very quickly and very efficiently. At that time we only service the inner market. And even we provide the oil purifier for some trading companies.

After many years later, the cost of materials and workers salary is rising and rising, many customers told us the oil purifier price is little higher and the two Evaporation chambers are heavy, especially for the small oil purifier, it is not portable. And if the vacuum pump is small, it is the same as the one vertical Evaporation chamber. So we begin to change the oil purifier structure again. Final, we found a better evaporation chamber for the oil purifier. That is the “T” type evaporation chamber. The “T “type oil evaporation chamber is one horizontal oil evaporation chamber, and oil chamber is vertical. For this design, the evaporation surface is big and the evaporation time is long when the oil drops following down. It is fully achieve to increase evaporation area and extend the degassing time For the small oil purifier, it is very powerful.

For the heating system, we design the “S” type high-density heater, and the heating load is less than 2w/cm2.

For the Atomizer, we design “upside down” type, to increase evaporation area and extend the degassing time.

If you need more information and explanations, please contact us. Thank you for your time.