Oil Purifiers

Oil filtration equipment for transformer oil, lube oil, turbine oil , cooking oil.

ZYT Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier

Quick Details

Power supply: 380V 50HZ 3Ph (As per user’s power supply)

Water content:

Gas content: ≤ 0.1%

Particles size: ≤ NAS 6 grade

Application: to purify unqualified turbine oil and maintenance equipment for the power plant, power station etc.


ZYT Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier is the perfect equipment for cleaning unqualified turbine oil and maintenance equipment for the power plant, power station.

It is specially designed for serious emulsion turbine oil, it can quickly and efficiently break emulsification, separate large amount of water, gas, particles from oil, to makes sure quality of treated oil to achieve new oil’s standard, ensure whole turbine system work safely.

ZYT is a perfect turbine oil purifier for live line work; also it can purify low viscosity hydraulic oil and lube oil. Work online with stream turbine, hydraulic turbine

Technical Features:

  • The equipment use a special polymer materials as filter medium combined with vacuum separating technology to break emulsification, dewater, degas, remove acid and particles, make the badly turbid turbine oil becomes clear transparent.
  • special evaporation chamber is 3 times bigger than normal vessel.
  • Unique technology: Atomizer is placed upside down, the oil droplet average diameter less than 30µm, to increase evaporation area and extend the degassing time.
  • It combined with the USA coalescence separation atomization technology, make the oil at best process in vacuum system; after the water and gas within the oil gain enough time to be vaporizing, can fully remove water and gas.
  • PLC programmable controller, enabling unattended(optional).
  • Protection system: Fault protection, pressure protection, discharge fault alarm and motor alarm.
  • Automatic oil level control technology, to realization of man-machine separation.
  • Heating system: Constant temperature heating mode, the temperature within the range of 0-80 ℃ adjust at will, heater have Multiple control group.
  • Heater adopt interlocked protective system, avoiding blank heating.
  • Adopt the France vacuum defoaming technology, avoid the oil leak.
  • Oil pump using slow down, step-down principle, reduce noise.
  • On-line oil purification can be carried out with turbine or water turbine automatically without any person.

Technical Parameters:

Index Name Unit 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 300
Flow rate L/H 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 300
Working vacuum MPa -0.070~-0.099
Working pressure MPa ≤ 0.5
Temperature range 20 ~70
Demulsifying value min ≤ 15/min(GB/F7035)
Water content ppm ≤ 20
Gas content % ≤ 0.1
Cleanness ≤ NAS 6 grade
Power supply 380V 50HZ 3Ph (As per user’s option)
Working noise dB(A) ≤65~80
Heating power Kw 12 15 18 24 45 60 72 84
Total power Kw 14 17 20 27 48 66 81 97
Inlet(Outlet) mm Φ19 Φ25 Φ32 Φ38 Φ44 Φ50 Φ58 Φ65
Weight kg 400 450 500 600 800 1000 1100 1550
Dimension L mm 1180 1250 1250 1250 1400 1400 1500 1550
W mm 850 1000 1050 1100 1100 1300 1450 1450
H mm 1400 1400 1450 1750 1750 1750 1750 1800