Oil Purifiers

Oil filtration equipment for transformer oil, lube oil, turbine oil , cooking oil.

ZYK Phosphate ester fire resistant oil filtration machine

Quick Details

Power supply: 380V 50HZ 3Ph (As per user’s power supply)

Water content: ≤ 50 ppm

Gas content: ≤ 0.1%

Particles size: ≤ NAS 6 grade

Application: to purify unqualified lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, furnace oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial oils etc.


ZYK Vacuum Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistant Oil Purifier designed for purifying the unqualified phosphate ester fire-resistant oil. ZYK can treat and regenerate the degenerative fire-resistant oil, removing acid, pigment, gas, water and particles.

Phosphate ester fire-resistant oil is a kind of corrosive oil, so the machine body uses the special metal materials which are compatible with fire-resistant oil, it combined with technologies of vacuum dewatering, degassing, multi-stage filtration system and new adsorbent to ensure treated oil achieve new fire-resistant oil properties.

ZYK phosphate ester fire-resistant oil purifier is applied in the sectors which use fire-resistant oil, it can be online working and oil-filling.

Technical Features:

  • Use of special metal materials which is compatible with fire-resistant oil, combined with technologies of vacuum dewatering, multi-stage filtration system and new adsorbent.
  • Stainless steel machine body, pipes and filtering components, reliable, anti-corrosion, durable.
  • Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology, equips with unique and advanced dewatering, degassing components, can rapidly and effectively remove water, gas, particles and volatile matter.
  • Advanced medium cooling system.
  • High quality filtering components, large capacity for holding particles, anti-corrosion, good mechanical performance, long lifetime.
  • Efficient electric heating system, heating uniformity, less power consumption, safe, and reliable.
  • Adopt interlocked protective system, which connect oil pump, heater and liquid level sensor, avoiding blank heating, blank pumping, oil leak and electricity leak. If there is any fault, machine will be power off automatically.
  • It is of protection functions and can achieve unattended operation.

Technical Parameters:

Index name Unit 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 300
Flow rate L/H 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 300
Working vacuum MPa -0.070~-0.099
Working pressure MPa ≤ 0.3
Temperature range 20 ~75
Demulsifying value min ≤15/min(GB/F7035)
Acid value mKOH/g ≤0.05
Resistance value Ω ≤5.0×109Ω
Water content ppm ≤50
Gas content % ≤ 0.1
Cleanness ≤ NAS 6 grade
Power supply 380V 50HZ 3Ph (As per user’s option)
Working noise dB(A)
Heating power Kw 36 40 45 60 80 110 145 160
Total power Kw 38 42 47 65 96 124 157 178
Inlet(Outlet) mm Φ19 Φ25 Φ32 Φ44 Φ48 Φ50 Φ58 Φ65
Weight kg 350 380 400 450 750 880 1100 1300
Dimension L mm 1400 1400 1400 1500 1650 1800 1850 2000
W mm 1050 1100 1100 1200 1200 1650 1650 1750
H mm 1650 1650 1700 1750 1800 2000 2000 2100