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ZYIIJ-II Automatic BDV Oil Tester

Quick Details

Power supply:

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Application: Breakdown voltage testing


ZYIIJ-II Automatic BDV oil tester is the insulation oil tester. it is is special for testing insulating oil’s dielectric strength.

ZYIIJ-II automatic BDV oil tester is designed by IEC165 dielectric strength of insulating oil. Adopt industrial single chip to control. Applied large integrate circuit, new type I/O interface, the special tester and anti-jamming technology which greatly improved the capability of device.


Operate simply

Adopt menu management, impute parameter is ok

Can be stored ninety-nine kinds of oil test data which is convenient to print and adjust the data .The test data can be stored 10 years when the electrical is power off

The system clock can be run when be power off

Be provided with software upgrade through RS232 and test with PC

High capability of anti-jamming

High precision

Small size, light and run in the open air.

Technical Parameters:

Index name Data
Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz
Output voltage 0-80KV or 0-100KV
Capacity 1.2KVA(1.6KVA、2.0KVA)
Speed of pressure rise about 2KV/S
Voltage test precision ±3%
Breakdown sensitivity <2KV
Wave difference ≤3%
Time of breakdown ≤10ms
Working condition temperature : 0℃~40℃
Humidity: The biggest comparatively humidity 85%
Reserve circumstance temperature :-20℃~60℃
humidity: The biggest comparatively humidity 75%
Dimension: 480mm*460mm*460mm
Working altitude: <1500m(if over1500mcan be designed specially)