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Events Of Industrial And Zanyo, Keep The Pace.

For ZANYO oil purifier products, most of them are vacuum oil purifier, what's the advantages? ZANYO show you the following:

the vacuum oil purification machine adopts vacuum dehydration technology, which can efficiently removes free water and solid contaminants from hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, turbine oil, transformer oil and petroleum-based oil,

vacuum oil purirification machine also can be used for online oil purification.

Vacuum oil purification machines removes free water by demulsification, coalescence and separation, after purification, the free water content is less than 100PPM.

Vacuum oil purificationmachines can separate solid contaminants by different precision filters elements, and recover cleanliness, the cleanliness can reach NAS 6 grade.

For the transformers insulating oil, which has higher requirement of water content, it should use high vacuum oil purification machine to quickly separate large amounts of oil water and eventually the water content down to 3PPM.

the ZYD-I,ZYD-II,ZYS, UVP are suitable for transformer oil purifying.