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Oil purifier manufacture always ask the clients :

How many liters of the waste oil do you want to purifier?

Client : why you ask me this question?  How do you calculate capacity?

The method is very easy:

If you choose too big machine, it can save the purifying time, it is powerful, only 2-3 circulation purification processing , you can get good result. But the operation cost is high.

If you choose the too small machine, the heating system, the oil pumping, the vacuum degree are not matched with the total oil quantity. Even you have purified 10 circulation purification processing, but the result is not good.

Too big or too small is inadvisable.

Normally, for the waste transformer oil, cooking oil, lube oil, turbine oil, We advise that it is better to purify the oil for 3-5 circulation purification processing, and the working time is better 3-4 hours.

For example:

The waste oil is 1000L, 3-5 circulation purification processing is 3000L-5000L, working time is 3-4 hours.

We advise you can choose the 10L/min or 20L/Min machine.

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