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Oil Filter Elements Maintenance for oil filtration plant, after using a long time of the oil filtration plant, you need to maintain.

For improving filtering precision of oil filtration plant, we should regularly maitain the filter elements:
1. the core parts of oil filtration plant is a filter elements, coarse filters is consisted of filter frame and stainless steel mesh, and stainless steel wire is easily damaged parts and needs special protection;
2. when oil filtration plant works for a long time, the filter elements holds a certain amount of impurities, the pressure will increase, flow rate will decrease so it needs to clean filter elements.
3. when cleaning filter elements, the stainless steel mesh r can not be deformed or damaged, otherwise, it can not remove impurities effectively, and impurities go into pumps and destroy them.
4. If stainless steel mesh is deformed or damaged, please replace it immediately.
Precision filter for the oil filtration plant
1. Precision filter elements is made of special material, which also needs special protection.
2. After using for a long time, it also contains a certain amount of impurities. It need to be replaced.
3. As it is made of special glass fibre, precision filter can not be cleaned. So if it is damaged or full of impurities, we much replace it with new one.