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Single stage vacuum oil purifiers mainly apply in industrial and mining enterprises like power plant, transformer substation, power industrials, railway, metallurgy, etc., to purify transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, switch oil, breaker oil. It can effectively remove moisture, gas, impurities, and water-soluble acid from degraded oil, increase its withstand voltage. It is an ideal treatment equipment for hydraulic oil and lubricating oil.

Single stage vacuum oil purifiers has advanced technology and high degree of automation. adopting advanced atomization device, three dimensional separating tower, and flash evaporation technology, its vacuum system is of high efficient on degassing and dehydration.

Double stage vacuum oil purifiers are widely used for large transformers during its installation and maintenance. the main function of it is to purify transformer oil and keep electric system dry by offering hot circulating oil. It can remove moisture, impurities, free carbon, acid, colloid, etc. via series function of vacuum separation, precise filtration, molecule adsorption, vacuum drying, and the technology of spiral atomization. The treated transformer oil performances even better than new oil. adopting advanced creative technologies both home and abroad, the double stage vacuum oil purifier is in the lead of similar equipment on both oil treatment technology and performance.

Comparing to the single stage vacuum purifier, double stage vacuum purifier has extra roots pump pressurize system, secondary high vacuum separation system, infrared scanning controlling system, 3D flash evaporation system. the treated transformer oil has higher extremity of withstand voltage. It not only purify oil, but also offer vacuum drying and oiling to transformer as independent vacuuming equipment.

The process design of double stage vacuum purifier: 100% free water removing, 99.9% dissolved water removing, 98% dissolved gas. Fast and effectively remove water, acetylene, acid, and mechanical impurities.