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Events Of Industrial And Zanyo, Keep The Pace.

For the fuel oil purifier or light oil purifier, some customers do not know it much, today, we will show you the following:

1.For solving the problem of suspended solids and dissolved moisture in diesel fuel, ZANYO oil purifier produces a professional ZYJ type coalescing separation diesel fuel oil purifier, which equips coalescing separation filters and micro-filters.

2.The filtration of suspended solids in the diesel fuel is very difficult, but the efforts of our technical staff, and finally improvements in technology, the diesel fuel oil purifier fully meet the requirements of cleanness level of diesel fuel. Our technical staff on this issue a technical study, several experiments in their days of effort, the suspension was filtered diesel really successful, filtered oil translucent, Without suspended solids, achieved customer satisfaction, customer back to discuss the matter immediately set up an oil filter, the diesel filter suspended solids, suspended solids occurs diesel filter completely solve the filtration problems plagued the diesel industry suspended solids now widely diesel production should be in the business.

3. For the fuel oil purifier, it with no heaters, and it is safe, can be used in many industrial.