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Events Of Industrial And Zanyo, Keep The Pace.

It is a problem when you want to buy a oil purification machine, that is how to choose a suitable oil purification machine? Users must know the importance of product quality when purchasing an oil purification machine.

February 16th is Chinese New Year, it is a very important day to celebrate the Chinese New year, ZANYO oil purifier factory will have 8 days holiday, but we keep constant contat for sales and emergency needs.

The reasons you need to know when you meet the oil purifier can not heat oil or the oil temperature is always very low. Troubleshoot if your oil purifier has following problems.

In 2014, the first UHV line, along with 1000kv AC project was approved by the government. A bundling program of 12 transmission channels containing a number of UHV projects passed the assessment, it opens a new era.

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