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Chengxi Transformer oil recycling device-decoloring system
  • Name:Chengxi Transformer oil recycling device-decoloring system
  • Model:ZYR
  • Catalogue :CASE

Model: ZYR-10

service for Chengxi transformer oil treatment store.

user choose this small device for decoloring the old transformer oil.


ZYR transformer oil recycling machine is mainly with the functions of decoloring and removing acid from the transformer oil, insulation oil.

ZYR it utilizes physiochemical means to recover deteriorated transformer oil and breaker oil while remove the acid content, suspended matter, precipitated residues and decoloring from the oil. 

It utilizes a special purification, which allows transformer to stay running in normal manner without switch off of power and change of oil. 

The basic content and anti-oxygenic property of oil remain the same after treatment, and to recover to the specification of new oil; Insulator property and safety of equipment are enhanced while cost is reduced by 90% compared with conventional way of oil-change.

 It is recommended to use the transformer oil treatment firstly, when the oil withstand-voltage is treated at an acceptable range by the transformer oil treatment, and then use the ZYR device; you will find that the effect will be better.

ZYR transformer oil recycling device also can work with ZYS vacuum oil pufifier,ZYD-I transformer oi purifier ,ZYD-II insulation oil purifier, ZYM mobile type oil purifier, it is with the function of decoloring.