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Transformer Oil Purifier

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ZYD-E Transformer oil purifier with Explosion-Proof
  • Name:ZYD-E Transformer oil purifier with Explosion-Proof
  • Model:zyd-e
  • Catalogue :Transformer Oil Purifier

ZYD-E is explosion-proof  transformer oil purifier. This equipment is applied with complete explosion proof , the explosion proof class is EXDBT4 respectively.  It can meet the requirements in various dangerous environments.

ZYD-E Transformer Oil purifier machine is used mainly applied in power plant, power station, transformer factory, electric power company, power transformation, metallurgy, petrifaction, machinery, traffic, railway and so on. it can remove particles, dewater, degas from the old and new insulating oil. Especially for the 110KV-750KV large-scale transformer station, ZYD-E Oil purifier is particularly suitable for treating high-grade transformer oil, super-voltage transformer oil and new transformer oil.