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Transformer Oil Purifier

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ZYD-W Transformer Oil Purifier with Enclosed Doors
  • Name:ZYD-W Transformer Oil Purifier with Enclosed Doors
  • Model:ZYD-W
  • Catalogue :Transformer Oil Purifier

ZYD-W  is double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier, which is equipped with enclosed doors.  The enclosed doors are with the functions of weather-proof, dust-proof, water-proof. ZYD-W is suitable for indoor and outdoor working.

It is mainly applied in power plant, power station, transformer factory, electric power company, power transformation, metallurgy, petrifaction, machinery, traffic, railway and so on, especially for the big distribution equipments, main power transformation gird, large-scale transformer station, which is 110KV-750KV.

ZYD-W machine with the functions of purifying insulation oil, on-site filtration, on-site installation, maintenance, it is particularly suitable for treating high-grade transformer oil, super-voltage transformer oil and new transformer oil.


1.    ZYD-W is water-proof, dust-proof. It is easily to move and can be used outdoor and indoor.

2 : Great Efficiency Of Dehydration &Degassing

  • Placed as letter "T", the two evaporation chambers make larger space for degassing and dehydration.
  • Unique technology: Atomizer is placed inside at the bottom of the chamber, to increase the evaporation area and extend the degassing time. Comparing to the old ZYD one- vertical chamber design,  the ZYD-II filtration system get 4-fold to 6-fold better efficiency.

3: Two Vacuum Systems

  • vacuum pump system
  • roots pump vacuum system 

 The systems make ultimate vacuum value ≤ 5Pa; working vacuum ≤ 35Pa.

4:  Flash Distillation Technique
    Separating time and evaporation surface area are increased. Thus greatly developed the efficiency of the machine's function of dewatering and degassing.

5:  Two Vacuum Separating Chambers
  Double-horizontal film evaporation technology, rapidly and effectively separate dissolved moisture,           water and gas from oil.
6: Gradual Serried Filter Fineness Technique
      The fine filter with accuracy to 1µm; the interception rate of the solid particles is 99.9%.
7: Safety

  • Double-infrared liquid automatic sensor
  • Double-infrared liquid automatic controller

     Ensuring the machine working safely.
8: Interlocked Protective System
    The system connects oil pump, heater and liquid level sensor, thus avoiding blank heating, blank          pumping, oil leak and electricity leak.
9: Self-Protection
 Adopt short-circuit, over voltage, low voltage, low battery voltage, surge protection, loss protection.
10: High Density Heating System
 Less power consumption, heating uniformity.
11: Working both online and offline.
12: Multi-Function

  • oil filtration
  • vacuum drying
  •  vacuum oil injecting.                                                                       

Important Parts Optional
   For vacuum pump, oil pump and electric apparatus, have brands like SIEMENS, ABB, SCHNEIDER available for you to choose