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ZANYO adopt automatic backwash system for oil filtration system

For the ZANYO oil filtration system and lube oil filtration system, we adopt the backwash system. 

There are two kinds of pollution for hydraulic system.

A., poor maintenance of the oil seal or negative pressure tank, the oil is polluted by the surrounding environment. 

B, the remained oil in piping system and wear of components will also contaminate the oil. Contaminated oil in hydraulic system will reduce the life of components and increase maintenance workload. 

that is to say, , the hydraulic system should use lube oil oil filtration system to maintain the cleanness of oil.

for all model of the oil filtration system, after using the machine, there is some  residual oil in the machine, how to deal with the left oil? ZANYO adopt the  automatic backwash system  and it can discharge all residual oil automatically. 

  Automatic backwash system designed by ZANYO overcomes the problem of filter plugging, frequent replacement and cleaning of the shortcomings.

how the system work?

The system uses hydraulic pressure to drive the recoil mechanism, automatically and continuously flushing the sediment on the filter to keep the constant flow area without frequent replacement of the filter element. 

It has the advantages of high filtration precision, full flow filtration and low pressure loss. The device is installed in lube oil filtration machine and turbine oil filtration machine without manual operation, and the integrated bypass safe valve will not cause oil shortage due to the accident itself.