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Hydraulic Oil Filtration System Features

for Hydraulic Oil Filtration System, we have two types,normally, it includes vacuum type Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systemand trolley type Hydraulic Oil Filtration System

our ZANYO oil purifier engineer will show you the following:

1. Trolley type hydraulic oil filtration system is a small device for purifying hydraulic oil, it does not have vacuum dehydration systems, it mainly has interception filter impurities, cart-type oil filter according to the oil situation, the oil contains much to drink on the cleanliness requirements of different series of magazine filtration, conventional equipment: a filter stage car oil filter, two stage filters, three stage filters, and multi-stage filtration. 

for different configurations, customers can choose explosion-proof.

it with the functions of light weight, easy to move.

2. Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Filtration System is used in addition to vacuum separation of water in the vacuum heating oil temperature reaches 60 ℃, the water began to evaporate through the condensing system, 

in addition to achieve the effect of water through increased power, faster water removal, in addition to the water content can reach 10% of the oil. 

The vacuum hydraulic oil filtration system can remove water effectively and increase the service life of equipment operation.

welcome customers to ask the quotations.

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