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Oil filtration machine for turbine oil

In order to keep the cleanness of turbine oils,  ZANYO oil purifier manufacture design and producing the turbine oil filtration machine.

ZYT ZANYO turbine oil filtration machine is developed for turbine oil, lubricating oil and cooling oil to removing a large amount of moisture and impurity. 

it is applicated many indutrials , Such as power plants, power station steam turbine in the process of running, moisture, dust and impurities will be mixed in the turbine oil, will accelerate the oxidation of oil, 

and changed with foam, fouling and oil sludge, cause the oil emulsified serious, and lead to oil-water separation more difficult, reduce the oil performance of lubrication, speed, cooling etc. 

Meanwhile caused the metal parts of turbine steam to corrosion, bad for the safe operation of steam turbine.

 ZYT turbine oil filtration machine is the special maintenance equipment for the power plant, power station to clean the used turbine oil

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