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Vacuum Oil Filtration System Maintenance

for the vacuum oil filtration system maintenance is the essential part of using the system,, the maintenance is the for proper using of Vacuum Oil Filtration Systems depends on the turbine operation and workers earnestly study and understand the use and maintenance instructions at the the early stage before machine work, fully understand and pay deep attention to the  Vacuum Oil Filtration Systems at start up, process of operation and maintenance. The introduce of maintenance of  Vacuum Oil Filtration Systems as following four princleples .
at the beginning, we need to do the prepare work and inspection well before start the  Vacuum Oil Filtration Systems:
a. Before oil filtration discharge work,the operator need get agreement from cab,then could start the next process.
b. Check the installation of the electric line and view the steering of the oil pump whether correct or not.
c. Need to fill water in to the fuselage inside, and then open the air valve at top, in order to make internal air be discharged effectively.

d. Should ensure that inlet and outlet system of the Vacuum Oil Filtration Systems without any leaks in the system.After the above checks, our machine can really start to work.

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