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Removal of sludge by centrifuging action.

 For the sludge in the oil, the best method is by using centrifuging machine.

An alternate method used for dirt separation from oil is centrifuge. Routine transformer oil filtration or transformer oil conditioning is often confused with transformer oil centrifuging. Transformer oil centrifuging is all together a different technology and has a little impact on improving the oil parameters. Centrifuges used for separation of dirt from the transformer oil can be slow speed type centrifuges that do not require additional electric motor to spin the centrifuge cone at high speed.


However, the dirt separation from oil with such centrifuging has limitations since these centrifuges cannot remove the dirt less than 10 micron level. Thus a power driven centrifuge becomes evitable which scales up the cost of the oil conditioning machine.


Only advantage of the centrifuges is that the recurring cost of changing filter elements is saved. Power driven centrifuges can remove water from the oil that is in free form but not the dissolved moisture. Manufacturers of power driven centrifuge also often do not guarantee removal of moisture to a level less than 5 ppm.

 So finally, we can see that for the transformer oil, it is better to choose the filter to remove the sludge or particles. If the transformer oil is really very bad, you take a consideration of the certrifuging machine.

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